Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker 7-String Pickup Set - Black Plastic Soapbar

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Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker series now adds an optimized single coil voice to the popular Voice 1 and Voice 2 sounds. This new third voice extends the sonic possibilities of Fluence Modern, allowing players to cover an even broader range of tones with an ideal split-coil sound.

7-String Modern Humbucker Alnico:

All the musicality, power, and explosiveness of alnico. Full chords and fluid solos, plus a voice you’ve never heard in a humbucker. Great in both positions, or commonly paired with a ceramic bridge pickup.

  • Voice 1 (Modern Active High Output): The ideal active alnico sound. Full, round, and boosted, but with unprecedented articulation and dynamics.
  • Voice 2 (Crisp, clean and fluid): The clean, crisp neck humbucker tone you’ve always wanted without the thin, plinky sound you don’t.
  • Voice 3: (Single Coil): Glassy, crystal-clear tone.

7-String Modern Humbucker Ceramic:

Cutting ceramic attack. Brutal active aggression and passive punch in the same guitar. Great in both positions, or commonly paired with alnico neck.

  • Voice 1 (Modern Active High Output): The ideal active ceramic humbucker tone. Crisp, searing crunch, tight bass with no mud, and a growl.
  • Voice 2 (Modern Passive Attack): Organic, high output, passive ceramic tone. Superb distortion characteristics with Fluence dynamics and response.
  • Voice 3: (Single Coil): Bright, clear tone.


  • Are Multi-Voice. Set and forget, or wire-up to toggle between three musically complimentary voices.
  • Are rechargeable on your guitar. Optional lithium-ion battery pack offers weeks, not hours, of playing time.

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