Korg Pitchblack X Chromatic Guitar Pedal Tuner

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Manufacturer's Description:

The Pitchblack X not only features a true bypass for outputting the sound exactly as it was input, but now includes a built-in ULTRA BUFFER Why is this important?

The majority of electric guitars use passive pickups with a high impedance output. When you are using a cable there is a loss of tone, usually high frequencies, after about 6 m (around 18 feet) and this problem gets worse the longer your cable. A buffer boosts the signal over long cables to avoid loss of tone, keeping it clean and clear - even when your pedal is off.

The ULTRA BUFFER enhances the sound quality in bypass mode, so that you can still maintain audio quality even when using a long cable to connect to the tuner, or when inserting the tuner into a complex effects board.
On the Pitchblack X, you can switch between true bypass and the ULTRA BUFFER, according to your tastes and performance environment.

Manufacturer's Specs:

  • Detection Range: E0 (20.60Hz)~C8(4,186Hz)
  • Calibration Range: A4=436〜445Hz(1Hz steps)
  • Detection Accuracy: +/- 0.1 cent (display mode: Strobe)
  • Input Impedance: 1 M-ohm (tuner on)
  • Display Modes: Regular, Strobe, Half-strobe, Mirror
  • Power Supply: 9V type battery (6LF22/6LR61/6F22) ×1 or AC adaptor (9V)
  • Battery Life: Approximately 24 hours (6LF22/6LR61, A4 continuous input, tuner on, display mode: Regular mode) / Approximately 5 hours (6F22, A4 continuous input, tuner on, display mode: Regular mode)
  • Dimensions: 69 x 110 x 49 mm / 2.72" x 4.33" x 1.93" (including protrusions)
  • Included Items: Notices, Rubber feet, 9V battery x 1

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